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Glasgow Cabbies Consider Diesel Comeback: Charging Costs Soar

Glasgow Taxi Drivers Warn they could ditch Electric cars
Glasgow Taxi Drivers Warn they could ditch Electric cars

Glasgow Taxi Drivers Consider Abandoning Electric Vehicles for Diesel.

In Glasgow, taxi drivers have expressed concerns about the escalating costs of charging electric vehicles, leading some to consider a return to diesel-powered cars. The city council recently implemented a new tariff that charges motorists 70p per kilowatt of energy for rapid charging, prompting cabbies to voice their frustrations.

Alfie Wellcoat, an early adopter of electric vehicles, revealed to Clyde 1 that charging his car could now cost him £100 to £200 per week. He argued that this expense surpasses the cost of fueling a diesel car, and the inconvenience of locating available charging stations only adds to the burden. For Wellcoat, reverting to a diesel vehicle could save both time and money.

Standard charging units in Glasgow cost 40p per kilowatt of energy, and drivers are given a maximum of two hours to charge their vehicles in the city center. However, some drivers, like John Wallace, claim that the maintenance of charging stations in Glasgow is subpar. Wallace, who purchased an electric car last year to comply with the city’s Low Emission Zone regulations, now regrets his decision, as electric vehicle values are plummeting.

To address these concerns, Green councillor Jon Molyneux for Pollokshields is advocating for the creation of dedicated charging points for taxi drivers. He believes that taxis play a crucial role in public transportation and should receive support during the transition to electric vehicles.

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson explained that the new tariff aligns Glasgow with other Scottish local authorities and will support the public charging network. The council also plans to add 119 public chargers to the existing 306 charging points in the city, in addition to encouraging private sector investment in electric vehicle charging.

With these efforts, the council hopes to improve the charging network and alleviate the concerns of Glasgow’s taxi drivers, preventing a potential resurgence of diesel vehicles on the city’s streets.

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