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Glasgow Cathedral’s Royal Coronation Stream Ends in Chaos

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Unforeseen Technical Glitch Mars Royal Coronation Watch Party in Glasgow Cathedral.

In a stroke of misfortune, viewers gathered at Glasgow Cathedral to witness the highly anticipated coronation of King Charles via live stream were left disappointed when the screens went dark at the crucial moment. The renowned church had organized a viewing of the Westminster Abbey event, but a technical issue interrupted the broadcast during the crowning.

A multitude of royal enthusiasts, who had traveled from various locations to revel in the historic moment, expressed their dismay as the streaming signal flickered on and off. Ultimately, many attendees resorted to watching the ceremony on their smartphones, while the cathedral reverberated with disjointed commentary.

The live stream briefly resumed with a rousing rendition of “God Save The King” before cutting off once more. This prompted several spectators to leave the venue, while staff members offered apologies at the door. In a display of determination, one couple was spotted in the parking lot watching the remaining moments of the coronation on a laptop.

Ellen Gandrud, a Minnesota native currently studying at the University of Glasgow, lamented the unfortunate timing of the glitch, noting that it occurred “right at the crowning,” the most crucial part of the ceremony. Similarly, 74-year-old Matthew Trainer, who had journeyed from Springburn to attend the event, expressed his disappointment with the technical failure, despite the initial brilliance of the idea.

Addressing the incident, a Glasgow City Council spokesperson expressed regret for the disruption and acknowledged the unfortunate timing, stating that such technical difficulties were beyond their control.

Although the idea of hosting a live stream of the royal coronation in Glasgow Cathedral was a novel and exciting concept, unforeseen technical issues left many attendees feeling crestfallen. This experience serves as a reminder of the importance of having reliable technology in place for significant events, especially when catering to the expectations of a wide audience.

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