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Thousands Rally in Glasgow to Support Scottish Independence Movement

Independence March
Independence March

Scottish Independence: A Spirited March for Freedom Lights Up Glasgow Streets.

In a striking contrast of two cities, Glasgow and London witnessed divergent events today, separated by 400 miles. Alex Salmond, the Alba Party leader and former First Minister, drew attention to this distinction as he prepared to address an independence rally in Glasgow. He noted that while people in London were swearing allegiance to the King, Glasgow’s citizens, not subjects, were choosing to declare their independence.

A lively crowd of independence supporters flooded the streets of Glasgow as the march commenced. Despite persistent rain and a delayed start due to a broken sound system, the procession made its way from Kelvin Way to Glasgow Green in high spirits. Event organizers estimated 20,000 attendees, while police reports suggested a turnout of 5,000.

Among the notable participants was Ash Regan MSP, who had previously challenged Humza Yousaf for the SNP leadership and First Minister role in March. The All Under One banner led the march, accompanied by a pipe band. Organizers anticipated twice the usual number of participants in this spirited display of support for independence.

One enthusiastic marcher remarked, “I come to every march; this is about independence. The movement is growing, and you can see that today… there is no significance of today in particular.”

The marchers continued to stream from Kelvin Way well after the scheduled start time. While anti-monarchy sentiment was subdued, frustrations were primarily directed toward the ruling Tories.

The significance of the day was not lost on the supporters. One impassioned attendee told The Herald, “Scottish sovereignty lies within the Stone of Destiny. Today is the day to show Scotland wants independence.”

Initially, Humza Yousaf had planned to speak at the Glasgow independence rally but ultimately attended the King’s coronation at Westminster Abbey. All Under One Banner had invited all three SNP leadership contest candidates to address the march.

A spokesperson for Mr. Yousaf initially confirmed his attendance, stating, “Humza will accept and would love to speak at the AUOB event on 6 May 2023.” However, Yousaf later altered his stance, expressing his intention to attend both the coronation and the rally during the race for Bute House.

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