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Glasgow urged to dig deep to help city beat lockdown


Glasgow’s hospitality trade has been urged to go the extra mile to play its part in applying controls intended to keep the coronavirus in check.

Customers are also being called upon to remain responsible and do everything they can to limit the restrictions currently in place in Glasgow.

The council’s City Services Group, which has been supporting businesses as lockdown eases, sees Glasgow’s hospitality trade making a huge effort to ensure that Covid controls are being implemented in premises across the city

But with recent figures indicating a rise in Covid-19 cases in Glasgow, the hospitality trade is coming under renewed focus due to connections with many of those who have been testing positive for the virus.

To guide the hospitality trade through the challenge of opening for business while keeping staff and customers safe during lockdown, Environmental Health Officers from the City Services Group have set out an eight point plan that will help ensure the current guidance on coronavirus controls is being followed

With members of the public are being asked to limit the number of premises they visit when out with other households, the plan focuses on reinforcing rules on gatherings and the national track and trace scheme, Test and Protect, but also on taking steps to ensure that both staff and customers know what is required of them.

Pubs, restaurants, social clubs, hotels, cafes and other licensed premises are being asked to:

  • Challenge a booking that may not comply with the rules that allow a maximum of eight people from three households to meet indoors and a maximum of 15 people from five households meet outdoors.
  • Take contact details from each household, not just each group.
  • Check the layout of the premises complies with physical distancing requirements
  • Ensure physical distancing exists between households, either 1m or 2m as appropriate.
  • Keep staff away from work if they have symptoms or require to self-isolate.
  • Explain to customers what they need to do to follow the rules.
  • Use as many different ways as possible to get the message across such as on booking apps, website, posters, leaflets, menus, blackboards.
  • Make sure staff and customers are following the rules.

Denise Hamilton, Lead Officer for City Services, acknowledged the huge effort being made by Glasgow’s hospitality trade to keep Covid-19 under control. But she is urging businesses to dig deep to help guide the city out of the focused restrictions on household gatherings, care homes and hospitals, which were kept in place by the Scottish Government earlier this week.

Denise said: “Across the city, the hospitality trade is working exceptionally hard to keep staff and customers safe. It has been a highly challenging time for everyone involved but businesses are showing a huge amount of willingness to get things right and comply with the rules.

“As we’ve seen, staying safe is good for business and that’s why now is a time for as much vigilance as possible. Keeping a lid on the extent of the restrictions being applied to the city is vitally important as it keeps businesses open and the local economy up and running as much as possible.

“The City Services Group is here to help guide businesses through what is a complicated and often fast moving situation. Many, many businesses are already on top of what’s needed, but our eight step check list will help to ensure everyone is doing the absolute best they can to keep to the city safe and open for business.

“People visiting bars or restaurants still also need to do their bit. Being responsible includes limiting the number of places you go to and if you are concerned about a premises you should let us know. First-hand information helps us target places that may need extra help to comply with the rules.”

We need to work together to avoid further lockdown restrictions in Glasgow.”

The City Services Group brings together various council teams that focus on regulation and enforcement. Teams involved in the group include Environmental Health, Licensing, Trading Standards, Building Standards and Roads.

More information on City Services is available at:

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