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Indiana Jones Returns: Trailer Reveals Glasgow’s Stunning Transformation

Indiana Jones Glasgow
Indiana Jones Glasgow

Glasgow Transforms into 1960s NYC for Thrilling Indiana Jones Adventure.

New Indiana Jones Filmed In Glasgow

The enchanting city of Glasgow takes a journey through time, transforming into 1960s New York City for the highly anticipated fifth installment of the Indiana Jones series.

In 2021, the bustling Scottish city welcomed production crews to film key scenes for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. A recently released trailer by Lucasfilm, unveiled during the Star Wars Celebration, offers a thrilling sneak peek into Glasgow’s metamorphosis into the iconic American metropolis.

The action-packed scenes, captured on St Vincent Street, feature Harrison Ford reprising his legendary role as the adventurous archeologist, galloping through a lively parade on horseback as he pursues a dangerous gunman. To authentically portray his character throughout various timelines, the 80-year-old actor will be digitally de-aged for specific scenes. Joining Ford in this star-studded cast are Mads Mikkelsen, Antonio Banderas, Phoebe-Waller Bridge, and John Rhys-Davies, who returns as Sallah.

Set to hit theaters in June, this Hollywood blockbuster is not the first time Glasgow has attracted major film productions. Other notable movies filmed in the city include The Batman, World War Z, and Fast and the Furious 6.

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson expressed that the crew for Indiana Jones was the largest to ever grace the city, surpassing even Brad Pitt’s zombie horror film, World War Z. The spokesperson also highlighted the film office’s ability to draw numerous cinema, broadcast, and advertising productions, with more exciting projects on the horizon.

Glasgow’s ongoing success as a sought-after filming location can be attributed to its diverse and extensive portfolio of locations, along with the capacity for seamless collaboration between various council departments.

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