Home News Interpol issues global Red Notice for on-run criminal ‘The Fly’ after jail break

Interpol issues global Red Notice for on-run criminal ‘The Fly’ after jail break

Interpol issues global Red Notice for on-run criminal 'The Fly' after jail break
Interpol issues global Red Notice for on run criminal 'The Fly' after jail break

The internationally accredited law enforcement and crime-fighting body, Interpol, has recently activated a worldwide ‘Red Notice’ to assist in the apprehension of a runaway offender known as ‘The Fly’. This urgent action is part of a global manhunt to trap 30-year-old Mohamed Amra, who outmanoeuvred authorities and escaped from a prison vehicle following a horrifying incident that resulted in the demise of two wardens at a motorway toll booth in northwestern France.

Amra, recognised for his lengthy criminal history, was able to elude authorities following the incident. His infamous reputation and an extensive list of committed offenses prompted the rapid implementation of an international arrest warrant. It was the French authorities who sought help from Interpol. The issued ‘Red Notice’ significantly insinuates Amra is being sought for his involvement in organised crime and murder, among other sizable offences.

The distressing casualties of the escape incident were Fabrice Moello, a 52-year-old father of two, and Arnaud Garcia, 35, whose spouse is currently five months pregnant. The ominous event unfolded on the A154 motorway in Val-de-Reuil within Normandy, resulting in grave injuries to another three wardens.

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Infamously involved in a narcotics operation, Amra’s criminal record encompasses 13 convictions. After his escape, he fled the scene with his accomplices, leaving their vehicles behind – these were found to be burned out shortly afterwards, states The Mirror. His nickname ‘The Fly’ was given to him by an associate, who claimed it was because he was “everywhere, like an annoying fly”. According to Interpol’s notice, Amra, born in Rouen, France, stands between 174cm and 180cm tall, possesses brown wavy hair, a beard, and dark brown eyes.

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In a recent conversation with RTL radio, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin disclosed that around 450 officers have been mobilised in the extensive pursuit following the attack. He described the search as “unprecedented”, expressing positive expectations about the imminent capture of Amra, stating, “We are making significant progress.”

Eyewitnesses narrated that the daring midday robbery was executed in under five minutes, leaving spectators dumbfounded. The prisoner and his accomplices initially fled in two different vehicles – an Audi A5 and a BMW 5 series. However, the Audi was quickly located, abandoned and set on fire.

In the wake of the incident, the pursuit for Amra and his associates accelerated by Tuesday afternoon. Approximately 200 gendarmes collaborated with the elite GIGN anti-terror squad in a nationwide operation. A police spokesperson cautioned, “They are equipped with weapons and are extremely dangerous. We are making every possible effort to locate them.”

Amra, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison last week for several severe thefts, was transferring between detention centres in Rouen and Evreux at the time of escape. His record of criminal activities includes multiple armed robberies at supermarkets and other commercial outlets in Evreux’s outskirts during the summer of 2019. Furthermore, he is accused in connection to a murder case in Glasgow which occurred on June 17, 2022.

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