Stephen Robinson is exerting a call for triumph tonight, so St Mirren, who are destined for Europe, can round off an astounding season with genuine panache.

The Buddies have held their place in the Premiership top six for a large chunk of the season and are set to host Hearts in their concluding home game.

The Saints affirmed their place in European competition for the initial time in a span of 37 years following Dundee’s 5-2 loss to Rangers in a game bathed in relentless rain at Ibrox, securing the fifth spot in the Premiership.

Coach Robinson is keen on bidding farewell to Paisley supporters, who are gearing up to witness a UEFA Conference Leagues journey, with a winning streak this evening. It’s time to commemorate the advancement of a season that’s etched in memory.

“Our goal is to win the match and finish an amazing season on a high,” asserted Robinson at the team’s Ralston training ground earlier yesterday.

“Regardless of what transpires, our intention is to rejoice with our fans as it’s been an extraordinary, victorious season emanating from this group of players and the backroom staff.

“We’re looking to take to the field and relish the experience, but our ambition lies in defeating a formidable Hearts side,” Robinson continued.

“The fan support for us has been absolutely terrific, well earned due to the players, their style of play and the advancements we’ve made.”

“It’s pleasant to conclude in style amidst a party-like environment. That’s achieved by not losing the match. We want to emerge victorious, and there’s a strong desire to do so,” he added.

Securing consecutive positions in the top half in the top flight has thrust the Saints into the national dialogue. Now the club is poised to reach new heights participation in Europe has to offer.

Robinson, however, will never forget the solid support he got from local legend Tony Fitzpatrick during the times when the results weren’t as expected – and his unshakeable belief in the club ‘s ability to contend with the premier leagues.

“My objective has been to deliver what the people of Paisley have been desiring,” said the manager. “They wanted a top-six finish. They dreamt of participating in Europe.”

“Many ridiculed Tony when he made such projections, so he is indeed deserving of a particular mention as he has lent tremendous support to me since my association with the football club.”

“At a time when we weren’t winning games initially, he never refrained from texting me and providing encouragement. We seek to transform his aspirations into reality,” he added.

The Saints have certainly fulfilled this and now Robinson is urging the Buddies’ loyal fans to pay tribute to the entire team as it seems certain that some players will bid adieu to the SMiSA Stadium in tonight’s game against the Jambos.

“As it transpires every season, there will be players leaving,” he mentioned. “We’ve endeavoured to retain people, but our resources set a constraint.”

“We extend our gratitude for their service and everybody who departs the club has been exceptional for me – extending over numerous years in some cases,” he said.

We move forward, will find their replacements but it’s essential for fans to acknowledge the contribution of these great players, both those who are leaving and the ones who plan to stay”.

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