Keir Starmer’s decisive win is set to give him unparalleled power, incomparable with nearly every Prime Minister in British History.

A forecasted majority of 170 ensures his Labour Government possesses the power to pass whichever law it deems necessary.

Simultaneously, the political entity referred to as the Conservative Party finds itself in a helpless position.

Starmer has the extraordinary opportunity to wield his tremendous majority with bravery and audacity, rather than cautiousness.

U.S Democrats such as Barack Obama always found their progressive agenda in the White House obstructed by the Republicans in Congress.

However, Starmer faces no such hurdles and his Cabinet wields the power to grapple with UK’s most demanding challenges.

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer (right) and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar during a visit to the Caledonian Gladiators Stadium in East Kilbride, while on the General Election campaign trail.

Years of sluggish growth have plagued the British economy, but the new Prime Minister can rejuvenate the UK’s movement. The Tories’ rule saw public services crumble; however, Starmer possesses the power to reinvigorate the NHS and address the financial crisis in the education sector.

Starmer also possesses the tools to place the UK at the forefront of the battle against climate change.

He also has gained significant political capital to dismantle the disgraceful Tory welfare reforms that have resulted in child poverty.

Tony Blair maintains he was too cautious in his initial two years of premiership in crucial areas like public services. Starmer should draw lessons from his predecessor’s errors and shut out voices that advocate a safety-first approach.

While Starmer will inevitably make mistakes, and his Government will experience rough days, the solace is that he will never lose a vote.

Equally significant, Starmer must utilise his historic victory to transform the hostile political environment in the UK.

The Tories spent more than a decade attempting to normalise hostility towards immigration and demonise benefit claimants.

However, Starmer has broken away from the right-wing populism trend that has engulfed parts of Europe and has an opportunity to reset the narrative.

Starmer can reshape the economy while laying the foundation for many more triumphs.

He can get the young electorate excited by granting the vote to 16 year olds and brainstorm the move towards automatic voter registration.

With this considerable power, Starmer has the potential to keep the Tories out of power for several generations.