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William’s ‘grudge’ against Andrew that could be damning in Royal Lodge row

andrew and william in royal garb
andrew and william in royal garb

Prince William reportedly harbours a long-standing “grudge” against his uncle, Prince Andrew, over an alleged unkind attitude shown towards Kate Middleton in her early days within the Royal family.

Richard Kay, a Royal commentator, suggests that the animosity could impact crucial decisions about potentially evicting Andrew from the Royal Lodge. It’s believed William’s discord dates back before Prince Andrew stepped down from public duties following his ill-received BBC Newsnight interview in 2020. Early 2022 reports from Buckingham Palace confirmed Andrew had voluntarily given up his military titles and Royal patronages.

Since then, Andrew has kept a low profile, perceived by many as the influence of both King Charles and Prince William. Rumours suggest that William played a significant role in pushing Andrew out of his Buckingham Palace office and continues to advocate for his exclusion from official Royal events.

Prince William and Princess Kate

Speculation is mounting that Prince William’s stance might influence recent discussions led by King Charles about potentially removing Andrew from his abode at the Royal Lodge. In a conversation with Mail Online, Royal expert Richard Kay stated that William has “long held a grudge” against Andrew, accusing Charles of being too lenient on him.

The commentator stated: “Disputes between monarch and successor persist, especially regarding the Prince Andrew controversy. William harbours animosity against Andrew over his less than welcoming treatment of Kate Middleton when she was first introduced to the Royal Family. Furthermore, William believes his father has been overly indulgent with him. This fuels speculation that William is motivating his father to evict the Duke of York from the Royal Lodge so that the Waleses can move in.”

Andrew smiling by gates

There are suggestions that King Charles might urge Prince Andrew to trade his opulent Royal Lodge for the more modest Frogmore Cottage, previously inhabited by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This proposed move is thought to cause tension within the Royal family, with Andrew seemingly unenthusiastic about the prospect of downsizing.

According to Royal author Tom Quinn: “For King Charles, the idea of relocating Andrew to Frogmore addresses multiple issues – it signals to Harry that, as a private person no longer a functioning royal, he will not be welcomed back. Moreover, it conveys to Andrew that his disgrace means he can’t expect to live extravagantly. Ultimately, it assures that a fittingly grand residence is available for the most pertinent royals – William and Kate. Charles believes that the Royal Lodge is the only regal and adequately spacious residence on the Windsor estate for his successor.”

However, it remains unclear if Prince William and Kate Middleton will assume the Royal Lodge should Prince Andrew leave. A source close to the pair previously noted that “taking on the Royal Lodge would bring about a significant change in their lifestyle”.

Charles may be forcing Andrew out

The source said: “One factor that makes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge so content at Adelaide Cottage, their current home in Windsor Great Park, is its family-friendly nature, and there are no living-in staff. Living in the extensive Royal Lodge would necessitate accommodation for domestic staff, a thing they have resisted.”

Speculation is high about whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be the next residents. Furthermore, a friend of the family is quoted by the Sun advising that “it would seem reasonable for the Royal Lodge to be returned to the Crown Estates, so they can finance the required refurbishments and updates. This could potentially be a source of income for the monarchy and the nation, rather than a drain on everyone’s resources.”

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