John Swinney has signaled that the results of the general election are exceedingly close as Scotland’s residents head to the polling booths today.

As First Minister, Swinney embarked on a whirlwind journey through numerous constituencies across the central belt just a day ago, with his final campaign stop being in Leith.

He expressed his views after a poll by Survation hinted that his party, the SNP, had just a slight advantage over Labour in terms of voting intentions.

However, insiders believe that the race in several seats is simply too tight to predict and the decisive moments will only occur once polling stations close at 10pm tonight.

Across the UK, Labour seems well-positioned to assert a clear majority of seats. However, the competition in Scotland, particularly Glasgow, is anticipated to be highly competitive.

The SNP previously secured 48 Scottish constituencies during the last general election and is prepared for severe losses once the votes are tallied.

In stark contrast, Labour – which only managed to win a single seat in 2019 in the north of the Border – appears well-poised to make substantial gains.

Swinney said: “We all appreciate that the result of the General Election in England is inevitable. Labour will triumph and Keir Starmer will assume the role of Prime Minister.”

“However, the real narrative that remains in this election is here in Scotland where seats across the country, including Glasgow, are precariously balanced. The election in Scotland is the only place where authentic, rival visions of the future are at risk – a real competition of ideologies and values.”

A recent survey conducted by Savanta reveals that an estimated 31 per cent of Scot residents would vote for Labour, while support for SNP is maintained at 34 per cent.

Swinney also took a stand against derogatory comments made by the Tories regarding Keir Starmer’s preference to spend his Friday evenings with his family should he become prime minister.

John Swinney on the campaign trail in Portobello
John Swinney actively campaigning in Portobello

Following having voiced his intention to prioritize family time, Swinney commented, “The Tories’ attack is downright repugnant.”

“Politics is an around-the-clock business, and as a political leader, you must be on the ready to tackle decisions. I’m quite convinced that if Keir Starmer becomes Prime Minister, he would be ready to make decisions.”

Swinney urged SNP supporters to vote, noting that a few could be the deciding factor in close races across the nation.

Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Dame Jackie Baillie stated: “Scottish Labour is putting in a lot of work to earn the trust of voters so that we can make the changes that Scotland needs.”

“The only poll that truly matters is on election day.”

“Every vote for Scottish Labour is a vote to ensure we keep the Tories away, place Scotland at the forefront of a Labour government, and deliver the changes our country necessitates.”