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Mortons Rolls ‘could be saved’ after talks with angel investors


Suppliers across Glasgow said on Saturday morning they had not received orders of Mortons rolls

Morton Rolls, the iconic Glasgow bakery that has been a staple of Scottish breakfasts since 1965, recently announced its sudden closure after 58 years of operation. With 250 workers set to lose their jobs, it was a sad moment for the city and a significant blow to the local economy.

However, in a turn of events that has surprised and delighted many, it seems that Morton Rolls may yet be saved. Thanks to a positive discussion with angel investors, there is now hope that the company could be rescued and many jobs could be preserved.

The news was announced on Monday by Labour MSP Paul Sweeney, who said he had talked with angel investors willing to buy Morton Rolls and save the brand. The company has not commented on the situation yet, but the potential for a rescue is very welcome news for those who love Morton’s famous morning rolls.

The city of Glasgow has long been known for its love of good food, and Morton Rolls has been a cornerstone of that culinary tradition for over half a century. The bakery’s morning rolls are especially beloved, with people all over the city starting their day with a fresh, crispy roll.

But it’s not just the food that makes Morton Rolls special. The company has a long history and a deep connection to the city. It was founded by Bob Morton and Jim Clarke in 1965, and its first bakery was located in Temple, Anniesland, on the west side of Glasgow. Over the years, Morton Rolls expanded from making morning rolls to producing cakes, tattie scones, and a wide variety of baked goods.

The closure of Morton Rolls was a blow not just to its workers, but to the city as a whole. Suppliers across Glasgow reported that they had not received orders, and customers were disappointed to find that they could no longer buy the company’s famous rolls.

But now, with the potential for a rescue on the horizon, there is renewed hope that this iconic Glasgow brand can survive for decades to come. The Scottish government has pledged to engage with the angel investors, and Glasgow City Council is committed to helping the workers affected by the closure find new jobs as quickly as possible.

For lovers of Morton’s famous morning rolls, this is fantastic news. It means that they may once again be able to enjoy the taste of fresh, crispy rolls, and that this beloved Glasgow brand can continue to be a part of the city’s culinary tradition for years to come.

In the end, the story of Morton Rolls is not just about a bakery. It’s about a community coming together to support an iconic brand and preserve its legacy. It’s about the love that people have for good food, and the importance of preserving the traditions that make our cities and cultures unique.

So here’s hoping that Morton Rolls will soon be back in business, and that the people of Glasgow will once again be able to enjoy the taste of one of their city’s most beloved culinary traditions.

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