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RAGE A New Short Film Starts filming in Glasgow Scotland in June is currently raising funds on Indiegogo. The movie highlights Domestic Violence and Drug/Alcohol Abuse. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Domestic Violence has risen and now would be the perfect time to get this out there.

We would love your help in spreading the word about our Indiegogo Campaign and hope that members of the public who have maybe been affected by any of the subjects above take part in contributing towards RAGE.

About the creators. A few years back Gary A Wales reached out to David Penman to co create RAGE with him, Gary had the idea in his head that this was going to be something that would be interesting to make and also a task.

About the Actor, RAGE includes Gary A Wales “Alex” (Game of Thrones, 2Late, Love Bites), Lara Fullerton “Courtney”, Paul Lapsley “Ryan, Bar bouncer” (River City, Trained to Kill), Rosie Steel “Sergeant King” (Seagull, Blood and Bones) and many more.

http://RageMovie.co.uk is our official Website

Indiegogo Campaign – https://igg.me/at/RAGE-Movie/x/26107336#/

The Campaign has been live for under 10 days and has already hit over 30%

At the end of the movie a notice will be placed for anyone who needs to help or was affected by the subjects in the movie. It will take them to the resources page on our website where they can choose their country and the organisation name and contact information will come up.

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