Motorists were puzzled by a road sign that read “welcome to Isle of Skye” even though they were more than 140 miles away on the mainland.

However, the sign was part of the set for a new movie featuring 50 Shades of Gray actor Jamie Dornan, which was being filmed last week at Kylesku in Sutherland.

In an interesting twist, the Kylesku Bridge was used as a stand-in for the Skye Bridge for the upcoming Netflix drama, Undertow.

Highland Councillor Hugh Morrison commented on the confusion saying, “It was rather perplexing, especially for tourists. They may have thought they had lost their way and were not on the Scottish mainland, but instead the Isle of Skye.

Jamie Dornan, on location for the Netflix drama The Undertow, in the Scottish Highlands. (Image: Northpix)

“It felt like a case of wrong directions courtesy of a Hollywood film shoot! The sudden influx of film crew also made me wish we had the same council budget allocations as Skye!” chuckled Morrison.

In the Netflix series, The Undertow, Dornan takes on the roles of identical twins.

Last Thursday, he was seen at Kylesku in a fisherman’s outfit, complete with designer sunglasses to handle the glare of spotlights.

Dornan, despite the weather, wore a woolly sweater and work trousers on set.

Joining Dornan in the shoot was Scottish actor Gary Lewis, celebrated for his roles in films such as Billy Elliot, Joyeux No l, Gangs of New York and Eragon, as well as significant roles in the TV docudrama Supervolcano and the Starz series Outlander.

Jamie Dornan, aboard a boat during filming for Netflix drama The Undertow, in the Scottish Highlands. (Image: Northpix)

Filming for The Undertow started last month in Kinlochbervie, and shooting will also occur on the Isle of Mull. The producers said the locales were “selected for their stunning natural beauty”.

In The Undertow, Dornan portrays Adam and Lee, identical twins.

The plot revolves around Nicola (played by Mackenzie Davis), trapped in a loveless marriage with Adam, whose life takes a dramatic turn when Lee, Adam’s long-estranged identical twin brother, returns unexpectedly. Their convoluted romantic history threatens to shatter the present.

Her life spirals further out of control following a split-second decision and a horrific accident that forces her to protect her children. Over the course of a week, Nicola and Lee are thrown together, trying to sustain a network of secrets and lies.

Glaswegian actor Iain De Caestecker features prominently in the series as Marty, a police constable who is Lee’s best friend.

Scheduled for release next year, The Undertow is based on the Nordisk Film Production AS television series, Twin.

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