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Scots mum and son unable to sleep as house ‘overrun’ by rat infestation


A Scottish tenant has expressed his disgust and sleep deprivation due to an infestation of vermin rats in his home, situated in Glasgow. Michael Carey along with his mother Agnes Martin, aged 50, have voiced their concerns about potential health hazards as rats continue to invade their accommodation and neighbourhood properties in the northern part of the city.

According to the 25-year-old, tenants from both private residences and housing association properties are confronting daily challenges posed by the pests, who sneak in through the walls and floors, leaving droppings everywhere.

In an interview with Glasgow Live, Carey states, “There are five rat holes beneath our apartment block. We’ve made appeals to Wheatley, our housing association, and though they along with the local council have been involved, nothing fruitful has occurred due to an ongoing responsibility dispute. Many tenants have launched complaints, yet we are clueless about the next step as the council and housing sectors keep shifting the responsibility onto each other, given that numerous flats are privately owned.”

“The issue has been prevalent for a year, and it seems to have escalated since the construction of new houses at Northbridge. I have resided here all my life, and this is the first time I have experienced such an invasion with audibly noticeable rattling in the walls and floors,” he continued.

He indicates the presence of pests in rooms as well, by referring to the pest control boxes placed by the Glasgow City Council, laden with loads of droppings. He revealed catching one already, and contends that his upstairs neighbour has caught three or four, with one more awaiting capture.

Residents are apprehensive about stepping out to dispose their bins, fearing a rat bite. There have been visual recordings of rats scurrying in and out of holes in the premises, even one sighting where a rat was seen clambering on a parked motorcycle.

Plagued by sleeplessness because of the relentless noise made by the rodents during wee hours of the morning, Michael and his mother are feeling massively insecure in their own home. A room has been cordoned off due to consistent invasions, causing great anxiety among the residents.

He criticises the local authority, claiming, “My mum has been a lifelong resident here, and now she has to deal with the ordeal of rats in her house. This is an utter disgrace, and I don’t think anyone is discharging their duties appropriately. I strongly feel, everyone deserves safety within their own homes.”

Efforts to seek comments from Glasgow City Council in this regard are ongoing.

The consequences of manifold urban challenges are bracingly real in modern Glasgow, and the conversation around health and housing is intensifying day by day. So while we strive to declutter this discourse, we invite your active participation in our crusade against urban malaises. Do follow this news portal for real-time updates and valuable insights.

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