Home News Scots urged to enjoy summer heat but stay safe in sun as temperatures surge

Scots urged to enjoy summer heat but stay safe in sun as temperatures surge

Scots urged to enjoy summer heat but stay safe in sun as temperatures surge
Scots urged to enjoy summer heat but stay safe in sun as temperatures surge

In the midst of the warmest temperatures of the year to date, Scottish residents are being encouraged to enjoy the weather whilst remaining safe and treating the heat with due caution. Despite the scorching heat experienced in large parts of England, with conditions exceeding 30C, Scotland’s temperatures are soaring but not quite as significantly.

North-eastern regions like Aberdeen, along with parts of the Highlands were privy to temperatures of up to 26C on Monday evening. Meanwhile, in Central Belt regions, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, thermometers showed readings of up to 23C in the afternoon. These rising temperatures may allow for a heatwave to be officially declared in Scotland, should they maintain at 25C or more for three consecutive days.

As the warm spell continues, professionals have given cautionary advice on how the most vulnerable to heat can maintain their safety. The UK Health Security Agency has indicated increased susceptibility to mortality in vulnerable individuals, as indoor environments are at risk of extreme warming.

Meteorologist at the Met Office, Liam Esslick suggested, “My advice to people would be by all means to go out and enjoy the summer. However, with the predicted high UV levels and intense sun, it is crucial to wear sun protection, stay hydrated and seek shade during midday sun. Especially those sensitive to the sun should exercise particular care.”

Esslick also noted uncertainty in the long-term weather forecast, anticipating a “breakdown” from late Wednesday into Thursday that may result in thundery conditions.

Advice from Ready Scotland, a service directed by the Scottish Government’s Resilience Division, highlights the serious risks of hot weather in Scotland, including heatstroke and heat exhaustion. These potentially dangerous conditions can emerge quickly for anyone who spends too much time exposed to the sun and without prompt treatment.

Necessary precautions in hot weather suggested by Ready Scotland involve the intake of substantial amounts of water and restricting alcohol consumption, using at minimum SPF factor 30 sunscreen, being cautious of water scarcity or drought forecasts and looking out for neighbours who may be vulnerable in the heatwave conditions.

Moreover, they urge individuals to cool their homes using blinds and curtains, as well as keeping their “sleeping area well ventilated.” Doing so, they claim, allows the body to recuperate adequately during uncharacteristically warm nights.

Sea swimmers have been advised to stay safe and be particularly wary of the cold water shock, which can result in drowning. Samantha Hughes, the National Water Safety Partner at the RNLI, expressed concern that the upcoming warm weather could attract more visitors to the coast, increasing the risk of cold water shock due to the abrupt transition in skin temperatures. She stressed the importance of entering the water gradually and avoiding sudden submersion.

Those venturing to the beach should ideally select one that has lifeguards on duty, swimming between the red and yellow flags that signify areas that are closely monitored by the guards.

STV’s weather presenter, Sean Batty underlined how these heightened temperatures have resulted in exceptionally high grass pollen levels. He advised asthma sufferers who are also hindered by hayfever to keep their inhalers at hand in the coming weeks as the warm weather and high pollen count continues.

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