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US Election 2020

us election

Four years on from 2016 and the time has come again for the people of America to cast their votes to vote for who they want to run the country. The 2016 US presential election was one that took the world by surprise with Donald Trump being up against former First Lady Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump winning it, something no one expected. The election result shocked everyone that the fact America had voted Donald Trump as their 45th President of the United States. Since then there has been multiple allegations made against President Trump and the conspiracy theory that Russia interfered within the election to help him get into the White House.

Now, with it being election time again America has to decide to keep President Trump in for another four years or let the Democratic Joe Biden take over and lead the country. Joe Biden was the vice president for the 44th President Barack Obama who served as President for 8 years to the United States. Now he is running to be the 46th President of the country to run it a very different way to what to what the current president runs it. President Trump and the Republican Party have caused a lot of controversy over the past 4 years he has been president over the way he has ran the country. Biden has been quick to criticise Trump for the way he has ran the country not only over the last four years but in recent times. Especially how he has treated minority groups, dealt with some the Black Lives Matter protests that turned violent in America, banning transgender people from serving within the military and refusing to speak out about the death of unarmed black man George Floyd.

Joe Biden running against Trump this year has also caused quite a bit of a stir, Biden was former President Barack Obama’s vice president. People have questioned Biden’s ability to be able to run the country due to his age, his recent mistake when he appeared to get President Trump’s name wrong and appeared to call him George instead of Donald and his comments about fracking and oil have caused controversy. But what do the American people think of President Trump? What do the American people think of Joe Biden? How do they feel about this year’s election? How do they feel this years campaigning is going? To try and find the answers to all these questions by interviewing two people one who is a supporter of the Republican Party and one who is a supporter of the Democratic Party. I am going to next discuss the questions I asked each of the two interviewees I interviewed along with their responses. Their identities will be kept anonymous as requested. So I will be referring to them as Ms A and Ms B.

Question 1

What party do you support and why?

Ms A:  “I support the Republican Party and have done since I was young. I was independent at one point as I was not sure if I wanted to support the Democrats or the Republicans. I support the Republicans because I agree with what they believe in such as pro-life. I grew up seeing my dad supporting the Republicans. He did support the Democrats at one point, I think but then he changed back to Republicans. He always agreed with what the Republicans believed in again such as pro-life.”

Ms B: “For this current election we’re supporting the Democrats. The reason why is because we think that the Democrats have a better plan for getting the Coronavirus under control and bringing back our economy.”



Question 2

How do you feel about this year’s election? How do you feel campaigning is going for both parties?

Ms A: “Both parties have been great at campaigning, the campaigning has been civil. I feel like both parties have been reaching their target states with campaigning but I wish they would instead of seeing them in their usual states they would go to different ones. For example them coming to North Carolina or Biden going to Florida instead of it being Trump there all the time. I feel confident about this year’s election excited about it as well, I do feel like it is definitely going to be close this year when it comes to who wins.”

Ms B: “We think it’s the most important election we’ve ever had. There’s many issues important to us that are at stake. Joe Biden speaks to the issues. He has a clear plan for containing the virus, building the economy, uniting the country, and dealing with the racism. Donald Trump doesn’t speak to the issues and his campaign ads are misleading.”

Question 3

How well do you think President Trump has ran America the last 4 years? Can you give examples of some positive changes he has made to America and some things he could have done better?

Ms A: “I think he could have done better at running America the last four years, he has done his best but he could have done better. The only thing I can think of that he has done that is positive is that he has added more jobs within America, there is now more job opportunities. He could have been more inclusive to minority groups such as blacks, LGBT+ for example. He could have also dealt with the Black Lives Matter protests better instead of threating to sent in the military, I don’t think that was helpful at all.”

Ms B: “He hasn’t done anything for the people of this country, all he cares about is the businesses. He hasn’t run this country from the very beginning. And he brings division to this country and only caters to the Republicans, when he should be a president for the UNITED States.”

Question 4

How do you feel about President Trump’s opponent Joe Biden? Do you think he will stick to his word?

Ms A: “I think he will, I think he will stick to what he is saying about being more inclusive if he gets elected as President. I think he is a good candidate, he sounds strong when he talks, he sounds very determined and like he knows what he is talking about.”

Ms B: “Yes! We know this for a fact because he was Vice President for 8 years and has shown us what he can do. He is a person who can cross the isle and get things done for the people of this country.”

Question 5

If Joe Biden wins the election, do you think you will give him a chance to see what he can do for America?

Ms A: “I would give Biden a chance to see if he could live up to what he has said he would do and to see if he would keep to his word and the promises he has made.”

Ms B: “Absolutely.”

Question 6

In 2016 there was accusations that Russia interfered and helped President Trump win the election. Do you think this is true? If you don’t think this is true then why not?

Ms A: “I think it may be possible that Russia inferred in the 2016 election. I think it was a Russian plan, I think Putin intentionally became friends with President Trump to help him win the election so Russia could have easier access to the USA to try and destroy it.”

Ms B: “Yes we do. The FBI has shown proof that they have interfered in the 2016 election and they are currently interfering with the 2020 election as well.”

Question 7

Do you think Dr Jill Biden would make a better First Lady than America’s current First Lady Melania Trump and do you think Melania Trump has done as much work as First Lady as former First lady Michelle Obama?

Ms A: “I think Jill really would make a better First Lady than Melania, Jill is determined and always ready to fight for her husband no matter what the cause. I don’t really feel that Melania has done anything as First Lady and I certainly don’t think she has done as much work as our previous First lady Michelle Obama as I said I haven’t seen her do anything these last 4 years she has been First Lady. I feel like Melania could do so much more as First Lady if President Trump didn’t have so much power over her.”

Ms B: “Yes we think Jill Biden will be a better First Lady. Melania has done nothing compared to what Michelle Obama has done.”


Question 8

How do you feel President Trump has handled the COVID-19 pandemic? How do you feel about his comments about face masks especially towards reporters, have they been acceptable? What do you think President Trump referring to the COVID-19 virus as the “China-virus?”

Ms A: “I think he has handled it rather well, I think he has done a good job but could have responded sooner though. I think his comments to people like reporters about wearing a face mask have been unacceptable and I don’t understand why he would make fun of someone for wearing a face mask. He should not be referring to it as the China-virus, it is ether COVID-19 or Coronavirus. We it originated from China but he seems to be blaming and hating China for it like it is all their fault COVID happened, its like he is specifically blaming China.”

Ms B: “He basically is ignoring it and only contributes with making it worse by not promoting wearing masks, discrediting the scientists who know better, and spreading the disease in his campaign rallies, as well as spreading misinformation about the disease and so-called cures. That’s another example of how he’s not helping the situation. Many people in the White House, including some of the press corporation, have gotten COVID-19. So it makes no sense for the President to be making fun of the reporters who want to keep themselves and others safe. I hate it! It’s offensive, especially to the people of Chinese Descent, and it has caused much prejudice towards Chinese Americans. It’s the Coronavirus, it happened to start in China, but it’s not a Chinese virus. It’s a pandemic all over the world.”

Question 9

What do you think about the way Joe Biden tried to deal with the Black Lives Matter protests that turned violent compared to Donald Trump?

Ms A: “I think Biden did a much better job at handling the protests than President Trump as Joe Biden called for peace and didn’t want to call in the military.”

Ms B: “Biden shows way more compassion where Trump doesn’t seem to care.”



Question 10

Do you think President Trump should have spoken out about the death of unarmed black man George Floyd, how do you feel that he chose not to?

Ms A: “Yes absolutely he should have spoken or said something about the death of George Floyd. I think he should have spoke about it to show he was being responsive and that he was aware that police brutality against black people was still happening in America and he wouldn’t stand for it.”

Ms B: “Yes, he should have. He could have showed compassion to the family. By not doing so, it appears he approves of police brutality.”

Question 11

Joe Biden openly speaks about minority groups such as blacks and LGBT+ when Trump doesn’t. How do you feel about President Trump refusing to acknowledge the minority groups of America?

Ms A: “It makes me angry that he doesn’t speak out more for minority groups. He should be standing up for minority groups, he should be allowing them to speak up about getting more rights or what is troubling them such as having their rights taken away. I find it frustrating that Joe Biden openly speaks about minority groups but President Trump is unable to.”

Ms B: “It’s another example of how he doesn’t see this country for what it is. We are made up of all types of people who ALL matter. He’s supposed to be a president for all American citizens and by not speaking to those minorities, he’s excluding a part of our population.”


Question 12

How do you feel about the way President Trump has spoken about women?

Ms A: “He should speak about women more equally and respectively. He shouldn’t speak about women as if they are lower than men and he shouldn’t speak about women as if men are superior to women. It upsets me and angers me how Trump treats and disrespects women. I feel women are just as powerful as men and are capable of doing anything men are capable of doing while wearing high heels of course.”

Ms B: “I don’t think he views woman as an equal at all. He talks down to them and demeans them, calls them names and some of his remarks are the reason for the controversy.”

As you can see from the interview both Republican voter Ms A and Democrat voter Ms B have very different opinions on some questions but similar opinions on some questions. With the US Election under a week away it is a nerve rattling and stressful time for all Americans especially with campaigning now being in its final week. Thank you to both Ms A and Ms B for taking the time to do the interviews with me and from all of us here in Scotland to everyone in America we wish you all the best of luck for the upcoming election which could truly be America’s most historic one yet

Written by Lucas Nicholson for Glasgow News

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