Home News Ex-Gers medic banned from road after being caught drink driving at McDonald’s

Ex-Gers medic banned from road after being caught drink driving at McDonald’s


A former practitioner for the Rangers football team has been prohibited from driving following his apprehension for driving under the influence of alcohol at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Dr. Olivier Materne, aged 51, inexplicably disappeared after making his first appearance in a courtroom at the Sheriff Court in [Glasgow]( Glasgownews.org.uk/news) concerning the claims approximately a year before.

Police suspected Materne was in France, prompting the issue of an arrest warrant. Consequently, he returned to the legal proceedings last week.

Evidence presented to the court stated the Belgian was found to be triply over the alcohol limit whilst manoeuvring a BMW 330 Sport on the 16th of December in the year 2022. Law enforcement was informed that he seemed intoxicated whilst placing his order at the McDonald’s outlet situated in Partick, Glasgow, around 1am.

Upon their arrival, officials found him seated in the driver’s seat of the running vehicle.

To the court in Glasgow, Fiscal Louise James disclosed that Materne consented to a breathalyser test. When officers enquired about the amount of alcohol he consumed, he admitted to having several drinks. Subsequent breath tests indicated a reading of 78mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath, greatly overshadowing the legal limit of 22mg.

Though Materne was formally charged, he expressed his opinion that the action was unmerited.

Eventually, Materne admitted guilt to drink driving at a later court date. In the court document, his designated bail address was a city flat in Kelvinbridge, [Glasgow]( Glasgownews.org.uk/news).

As penalty for his offence, Materne was ordered to pay a £480 fine and face a driving ban for a period of 15 months.

While police were in the process of locating him, Materne had been actively sharing personal family moments from France on social media. These included proud posts showcasing his daughters and contributions on medical research.

The sports physiotherapist began his Rangers tenure around 2020, previously having worked for Belgian league clubs and the Qatar national youth team. He played a significant role in transforming the medical department at Ibrox academy into an esteemed performance unit.

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