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Heroes on Wheels | Glasgow Bikers’ Easter Egg Run for Children’s Hospital


Heros on Wheels: Thrilling Easter Egg Motorcycle Rally Supports Ailing Children.

Over 700 enthusiastic bikers gathered in Glasgow, igniting the streets with excitement as they participated in the annual Easter egg run to support ill children. This remarkable event raises much-needed funds for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, demonstrating the biker community’s unwavering dedication to the cause.

The bikers showcased their creativity, dressing up as an array of vibrant characters, from Spider-Man to Captain America. Their colorful costumes added a touch of magic to the event, lifting the spirits of everyone involved.

Starting from Glasgow Green, the thrilling procession of motorcycles roared past the Squinty Bridge, the Royal Hospital for Children in Govan, and finally arrived at the Braehead Shopping Centre. Here, a family fun day was organized, providing entertainment and spreading joy among attendees.

Kirsten Watson, CEO of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, expressed her gratitude for the bikers’ generosity and their eye-catching costumes. She emphasized the impact of the event on the children they support: “The Easter Egg Run is a truly extraordinary sight each year. The children absolutely love watching and hearing the bikes as they pass the hospital doors. This parade is held in their honor and serves as a reminder that the entire city is thinking of them.”

Established in 2001, the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity has been providing unwavering support to children treated at the former Yorkhill hospital. With an impressive £30 million invested in the hospital since its inception, the charity has made a lasting impact on countless young lives.

Please support Glasgow’s Children’s Charity here.

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